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Fresh Listings

Our listings feed updates every 10 minutes. Search thousands of MLS listings or set up listing alerts and be the first to know when a new property hits the market!

Market Insights

When you find the one, your Welcomely advisor will gather all the data you need (and then some) and will help you make a well-informed offer.

A Trusted Advisor

Welcomely advisors care about one thing: to help you buy a home you’ll love (and stop you from buying a lemon). Ok, that’s two things.

Why Welcomely?

Buying a home is a big deal, literally. And we want you to feel good about the home you find.

Top Notch Advisors

Our Advisors are hand-picked among thousands. We believe they are, all-around, the best in the industry. Less than 30% of real estate agents meet our minimum education and training requirements.

Un-Pressured Process

Not only do we not pressure you, but we go a step further and advise you against buying a home if our experience tells us that it won’t turn out to be as awesome as it seems. Really, we speak our mind.

Peace of Mind

We believe that peace of mind should be included with the purchase of your new home. That’s why we provide you with a premium coverage warranty to reduce the risk and headaches associated with home repairs.

Committed to “Team You”

You and your Advisor will make the best team, Team You.
And with your Advisor on your team, you have an advantage.

The Process

We’ll go over the home buying process with you, from A to Z, so that you are prepared and comfortable with what’s going on, every step of the way.

The Offer

We’ll learn what the seller’s needs are so that you can make an attractive offer. We’ll negotiate the details and advise you how to respond to counter-offers, if any.

The Loan

We’ll recommend a few local top lenders that we know have the best rates and have proven that they can deliver on time. No last minute surprises here.

The Contract

Once under contract, we’ll schedule inspections and make sure you don’t miss any deadlines. Then, we’ll advise you on, and negotiate inspection items, etc.

The Showings

We’ll coordinate showings for you so that you can see new homes quickly and efficiently. We’ll tour each home with you and share with you our honest opinion.

The Closing

Prior to closing, we’ll perform a walk-through with you to ensure any repairs have been completed. Then, we’ll attend closing with you and celebrate!

Welcomely Perks

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Off-Market Homes

You know what you want and you know where you want it. Is the inventory tight? Not many listings to choose from? Worry not! We’ll get the machine cranking, punch in the secret code, and seek off-market homes for you.

Home Sweet Home

A dozen of the most delicious cookies, freshly baked, delivered to your door once month. Just to make living in your awesome new home a tad sweeter.