Doesn’t Your Home Deserve the Best?

Let us work our magic. Our superior home marketing approach exposes your home to more people
resulting in a quicker sale and maximum gain.
Dear Neighbor,

You moved into Snowden Bridge because you recognized that it is a fantastic community. It’s unique style and amenities make it stand out.

When the time comes to sell your home, you can count on my company and me to make your home stand out from the competition. Our marketing is second to none; you can get a glimpse below. And this website is just one of the many things we have invested in to promote Snowden Bridge and our clients’ homes.

As importantly, you should know that my interests are aligned with yours. As a Snowden Bridge homeowner myself, I am invested in selling your home for the highest price.

Check out our marketing capabilities.

The Basics

Pre-Listing Inspection

We will inspect your house to identify ways that will improve buyer desirability and minimize potential buyer objections.

House Preparation

We’ll work with you on decluttering and light staging, and we’ll make sure that your home shows as gorgeous as it really is.

Market Analysis

We will analyze recent sales, active listings, and overall market movement to determine an accurate price range for your home.

Contract Negotiation

We’ll review with you the terms of the offer, and negotiate with the buyer to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Pricing Strategy

We will discuss your needs and, based on the range we identified in our analysis, together we will determine what the ideal price is.


We stay on top of deadlines, and continuously communicate with the settlement company and buyer’s agent to ensure a timely closing.

Our Unparalleled Marketing

Immersive Virtual Tour

It’s like having a 24/7 open house, but better. We utilize this amazing technology to create an immersive virtual walk-through of your home. Prospective buyers can walk around at their own pace and familiarize themselves with the layout of your house. And if the buyer has Virtual Reality goggles, they can almost feel like they are inside the house.

Wondering how an immersive tour helps? Ask us about the $710,000 home that we sold sight unseen. We know where buyers are coming from in this area, and we know what it takes to get them excited about your home.

This immersive tour gives your home a leg up on the competition. Trust us.

Click on it. Try it. Be amazed!

Online Advertising

With 89% of home buyers searching for homes on the internet, shouldn’t your home be marketed online?

Data doesn’t lie. If you want to reach buyers, you have to market aggressively online. Yet, the vast majority of agents don’t even have websites. We employ a sophisticated strategy to target the right buyers for your home, wherever they may be online.


People spend 1 hour a day on Facebook. Our advanced tools pinpoint those likely to move, and we promote your home to them.

Google, etc

Prospective buyers start their search on Google. And we are there to capture their attention, and let them know about your home.

Top Notch


Your home will be photographed by a professional photographer that specializes in real estate. Did you know that less than 20% of agents in Winchester hire professional photographers? Taking photos with a smartphone doesn’t cut it. 89% of buyers search for homes online. Can you afford to make anything less than a great first impression? We’ll make your home shine!

Beautifully Designed


Professionally designed, and printed on the highest quality paper, our brochures are the same as those usually reserved for multi-million dollar homes in Northern Virginia. The quality of our brochures reinforces the quality of your home. Once a prospective buyer has visited your home, the brochure they take with them will remind them how spectacular your home is.

Complete & Detailed

Floor Plans

Prospective buyers have visited your home, and they liked it. A day later, as they are about to make a decision, they are trying to figure out if your home can accommodate their furniture. With detailed floor plans, we make it easy for buyers to picture how their furniture will fit in your home. It’s one more way we make it easy for buyers to choose your home over its competition.

Ready to sell your home better?
We’re here for you.